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Thailand medicinal properties to cure fever. ( admin posted on May 11th, 2013 )

Thailand medicinal properties to cure fever.

Thailand medicinal properties to cure fever.

Today we are continuing with another herb, Thailand. The properties in the field of fire or neutralize fever fever fever. Which then relocated to Thailand include wormwood herb in Thailand for a long time with people. From the past. Thailand is a herb. That talks would have to think very bitter taste, bitter taste, but it’s really very versatile.

Vernacular name: seven vehicles and seven pigs, pork and walnut Etahawdgwn creeper.

General characteristics of the wormwood.
A bittersweet vine plants. With vesicular rough rubber vine has its roots in the bitter air. As a lanyard. Single Leaf. Add a betel leaf or a heart. Rent a concave serrated leaves. By Coshocton small bouquet of flowers into the leaves. Yellow, green, red, pink and light green or light yellow. The small oval dykes. Yellow or red. The seed coat.

Properties of the herb wormwood.
Roots, stems and leaves were toxic hot neutralize fever fever.

Additional properties of wormwood.
All parts of the wormwood. Can be used to treat the symptoms have completely resolved the elixir aches fever headache. It also helps the appetite. The pituitary diabetes.

The methods used in the treatment of the wormwood.
Roots, stems and leaves eaten off fever detoxify toxic hot fever.
Roots, stems and leaves to dry grinding it into honey bolus eating hot neutralize toxic fire fever fever.
All parts of the plant wormwood, dry grinding it honey. As a bolus. Taking the elixir.

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